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Invasive Native Shrub Assessment
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About Geospatial Australia

We help grow your information into knowledge...better decisions = better outcomes...

Our History

Geospatial Australia was established in 2017 by Aaron Colbran, Johnny Wood and Trent Thompson. The company was formed by merging three incorporated entities including; XGIS Australia Pty Ltd, Geolog Australia Pty Ltd and XDEV Australia Pty Ltd.
Each incorporated entity brought its own unique skillset and services to form a single entity that catered for the needs of regional NSW government, landholders and private industry.

Operational Area

Geospatial Australia is based in the regional hub of Dubbo located in the Central-West Slopes and Plains of New South Wales.
The primary service area is west of the Great Dividing Range in NSW. with a special focus on the Western Division and Great Artesian Basin Areas of western New South Wales.
Geospatial regularly operates in remote locations and does work in the remote border regions of south-western Queensland and north-eastern and central South Australia.

Our Customers

Geospatial Australia is registered as a NSW State Government Service Provider and provides direct support to NSW State Agencies including the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, the Department of Regional NSW and the NSW Dept of Natural Resources Access Regulator. Geospatial Australia regularly provides direct support and services to the Landholders of western NSW in relation to bore metering and other services, as well as property and land assessments including vegetation and habitat surveys.

The Geospatial Team

Together we accomplish jobs worth doing, and success worth reaching...

Aaron Colbran (B.Nat.Res)

Director (GIS/Projects)

Aaron was trained in Natural resources at the University of New England. The degree specialised in sustainable land and ecosystem management, two fields he has been working in for more than two decades. His primary role in Geospatial Australia as Co-Director is to manage Geographic Information System related projects and activities. Aaron also runs the GIS training and support programs with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Mining and private industry entities. He also conducts Habitat assessment surveying flora and fauna and land capability for proposed development and Invasive Native Shrub (INS) management projects.

Johnny Wood

Director (Water/Business)

Johnny is the co-founder and a Director of Geospatial Australia. Johnny was trained in NSW Government and has extensive work history with the Western Lands Commission based in Dubbo and Walgett. He also worked with the Department of Water as a Geophysical Technician responsible for the survey and monitoring of bores, gauging stations and rivers with algal outbreaks in western NSW. One of his primary roles is to manage Geophysical projects including bore inspections, surveys and investigations for NSW Government, Landholders and Mines. Johnny is a certified water meter inspector and installer and heads up the system design and installation of ultra-sonic and conventional flow meters.

Ben Wood

Technical Officer (Geology/Water)

Ben provides direct support for Geospatial in the field of hydrology and geology. Ben provides a valuable service in the engineering and design of custom field solutions related to bore system design and flow meter installation. Ben also has a solid background in geology and assists with projects and mapping where geology is a key factor. Ben provides valuable support for the GIS team in the development of property resource plans and reports.

Field Staff

Bore Surveys

The bore team are specialist staff that assist with bore survey and inspections. The bore team (pictured left to right) consists of Alina and Georgel Ivan (Driller), Johnny Wood (Senior Team Leader in Hydrogeology) and Doug Pappin (Technical Officer for Water Projects). Other members of the bore team not pictured here include Chris Knight who is our water analysis specialist and Muhammad Salman who joins the bore team on occasion as the official hydrogeologist on special projects. Another key member of staff includes Michael Longhurst who is a vegetation and environmental rehabilitation specialist. Michael has made valuable contributions to Geospatial Australia projects in the areas of riverine compliance and restoration.

Geospatial Australia Contact Form and Details

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The Dubbo Office Location


Water meters are a requirement for many landholders for measurement and monitoring of water usage in NSW. We can help you identify if you need a meter, and if you do we can install one that suits your needs and potentially save you a significant amount of money when compared to other meter installers.

Water Meter Installation

Contact Johnny to learn more about the water meter installation process and legislated requirements. Please note that Geospatial mainly uses Ultrasonic Water Meters to save you time, effort and money.

Do I need a Water Meter?

Download the Water NSW metering leaflet.

It lets you know what you need to do by your rollout date and on an ongoing basis.

Download the NSW Metering Rules

Inform yourself of the NSW Department of Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) approach to enforcing the new metering rules. NRAR is an independent water regulator which oversees the enforcement of water management laws in NSW.


Bores are a critical part of any property and are often vital for livestock and or cropping activities on your property. Geospatial is experienced with bore related work and can assist you with your Artesian and Sub-Artesian (pumped) bore needs.

Artesian and Sub-Artesian Bore Surveys

We do Pressure and Flow surveys of Artesian bores within the Great Artesian Basin. Related services include collection of samples for water quality assessment. A bore condition report can be undertaken to identify issues with your Artesian or Sub-Artesian bore.

Bore Investigations

Geospatial undertakes bore inspections using specialist bore camera equipment to identify issues such as holes or blockages that can reduce bore performance. A comprehensive bore condition report is then generated that details the issues.


Geospatial Australia provides a diverse list of services to help you acquire or manage geospatial information.

Geospatial Processing

Data processing is a key part of turning information into something useful. This can be a major challenge in itself. Take the stress out of data processing and management. We can establish your data system or adapat it as per your needs. Take control of your data before it controls you.

Geospatial Analysis

Data by itself may answer some questions but not all. Analysis is key to turning data into meaningful and useful information. We use a diverse array of geoprocessing methods and advanced tools to bring your data to life.

Geospatial Reporting

Reporting of processed or analysed data is key to delivering timely information and results. Reports can be generated from numerous data sources for supply as spreadsheets or PDF documents. Reports can be data driven to generate booklets or complete map series for presentation or publication in your required format.

Mobile Field Survey Development

Mobile field survey solutions are used by business, government and private industry to capture geospatial and other information. This type of resource makes it possible to capture both spatial and other types of critical information in the office or the field. Surveys can be designed to capture any information including text, calculations, geo-tagged photos, videos and audio. Once captured information is sent to the cloud where it can be retrieved, processed and analysed. We can work with you to develop and test your surveys before they are sent live into production.

Professional Print Quality Maps

Having great data is one thing, but to get your message out a good map can speak volumes to your target audience. At Geospatial we take raw or processed data and generate a professional map for you to supply to your local printer. Maps can be generated at all scales and page sizes including A0. Maps or conference posters can be developed to you needs and standards. For the highest resolution and best quality we generate vector data maps at 1440dpi and raster based maps at 720dpi for crystal clear presentation.

Vegetation Survey

Looking to clear native vegetation to improve the productivity of your land. At Geospatial we can help you achieve your goals by providing an integrated assessment to acquire your clearing certificate. Dont run the risk of guessing what you can and cannot do. We provide a clear path to do the right thing by the land and the law.

Property Assessment For INS Management

Invasive Native Shrubs are a widespread problem throughout New South Wales and Australia as a whole. Invasive Native Shrubs (INS) often compete with pasture reducing feed availability for livestock, thereby lowering your Carrying Capacity and reducing Annual Gross Margins. Geospatial Australia provides property assessment services to identify management options and clearing opportunities where INS is a problem. The development of strategic plans to control INS can be developed in consultation with Geospatial Australia. Geospatial Australia will assist with the complete INS process from initial assessment through to INS Certificate submissions with your Local Land Services office. Take the worry out of clearing too much or clearing the wrong things. We will support you every step of the way.

Koala Surveys

If you have development activities planned Geospatial can provide Koala Survey services. Vegetation assessment can be undertaken to identify potential Koala habitat, as well as plant and tree species of dependence. Geospatial conducts koala field surveys using a variety of methods including transect surveys (day and/or night) as well as sound playback and recording. Reports are generated based on collected data for submission to Local Land Services or Federal Agencies (eg EPBC applications).

Property Planning Services

Have you acquired a new property? or you do you have a need to map your existing property? or do you have development proposals that need information mapped?.. If so Geospatial can help capture the data needed to form the basis of a property plan. This can be as basic as establishing property and paddock boundaries, to the integration of infrastructure and land based activities.


Irrigation and Vegetation Projects

Irrigation Area Survey Map Series

Survey data points which include highly accurate elevation data are mapped into organised map series. These map series are created with a satellite imagery backdrop and delivered as multi-map PDF documents. Survey Areas can be broken into compartments to improve manageability of data. The process of works licencing can be facilitated with high resolution maps that are transportable to engineers or government agencies.

Supply Channel Mapping

Supply channel mapping is important for irrigation related applications to clearly demonstrate that you are not in breach of water legislation. We develop easy to read maps designed to state standards to help your applications get across the line with minimal friction. By applying the same standards as used by state agencies decisions can be made quicker due to consistency and familiarity. Supply channel maps incorporate longitudinal and transverse cross sections as well as matching colour-coded spreadsheets for ease of understanding. Keeping it simple makes a world of difference when decisions are complex.

Channel Cross-Sections

Using Elevation and Survey data we make it possible to visualise and present mission critical data. Cross section analysis and presentation can be key to successful water use or irrigation based applications. We analyse, align and present data to the standard you need for one or more locations in a proposed irrigation system. This applies to any irrigation works where height relative to the natural ground surface is critical. It is far better to have your applications sitting in the approved basket than the too hard basket.

Historic Landuse Change Detection

Need to prove, analyse or compare historic landuse. Geospatial sources a range of historic and recent imagery to map and analyse change over time. This can be critical for proving land was being used for s specific purpose such as summer or winter cropping or other detectable landuses. Data captured can be analysed or compared to generate reports for use in evidential documents used for application submissions or affidavits. Data accuracy and precision can be enhanced and proven through use of higher resolution images to identify and report on critical information. Professional witness services are offered to support your proceedings if needed.

Survey Point Mapping

Captured Survey data of existing and proposed water structures was generated into a large scale map series. Due to the large amount of data it is difficult to display key information on the largest of maps. Using Geographic Information System technology a series of maps were generated to clearly display coordinates across the entire site area. An index grid was established to aid navigation when used in the field by contractors and engineers.

Published Map Development

Published Maps

Vegetation Community Assessment

Vegetation communities were assessed in the Northern Floodplains of New South Wales. The communities were on Coolibah floodplains which were in a combination of Category 1 and Category 2 lands. All areas were surveyed on ground to verify community status and condition. Set-Aside areas were identified and mapped based on suitability. A combination of Certificate based authorisation and Allowable activities were prescribed in the final report.

Tree Assessment

As part of the on-ground survey the vegetation condition is assessed. This includes measurements of tree characteristics including tree diameter.

Reverse Helicopter Time-Series


Geospatial PDF Map Book Development

Captured Survey data of existing and proposed water structures was generated into a large scale map series. Due to the large amount of data it is difficult to display key information on the largest of maps. Using Geographic Information System technology a series of maps were generated to clearly display coordinates across the entire site area. An index grid was established to aid navigation when used in the field by contractors and engineers.

Density Mapping

Density mapping is key to identifying hotpots of activity within the landscape. Density mapping is suited to many types of data ranging from data captured in communities, on the farm or in the bush. We utilise a number of methods to ensure data are presented the way you need to achieve your goals and objectives.

Biosecurity Weed Specie Density Mapping

Captured Survey data of existing and proposed water structures was generated into a large scale map series. Due to the large amount of data it is difficult to display key information on the largest of maps. Using Geographic Information System technology a series of maps were generated to clearly display coordinates across the entire site area. An index grid was established to aid navigation when used in the field by contractors and engineers.

The First Law of Geography states that "everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things." Waldo Tobler, 1969.

Live Radar and Lightning: Rainfall Extent and Lightning Strikes
across Australia and New Zealand (Source:Windy.com)